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One door shuts, another door opens

I’ve been blogging on this site for a number of years now and the inevitable has happened. I’ve reached the limit for uploading photos etc to the blog. And this blog would be nothing without the images. I’m going to continue blogging, but am separating my posts onto a number of different blogs. This will hopefully make it easier for me to manage, and for readers to find the posts they are looking for. So here’s how it will work:

For general stuff – craft projects, cat pictures etc, the new blog is at Order No Rainbows

Posts about books, movies, art and culture will be at Culture Notes

For vegan food, recipes and lifestyle stuff go to No Hairshirt Required

You will find posts about human rights, animal rights and environmental issues at The Part-Time Activist

My ramblings about teaching English as a foreign language are at Learning to Teach

And my stories and photos about life in Slovakia and my travels there and elsewhere will be at The uneasy ex-pat From 1 June 2016 my travel blog moved to Wandering, not lost
and from June 2017 it’s at A Life in Transit.

Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope you will continue to follow me on the new blogs




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In Memory of the Dolphins Lost in “The Cove” Hunting 2014-2015

Champions for Cetaceans

By Kirsten Massebeau

Dolphin project in memoryIn Memory of all the Dolphins Families Destroyed Season 2014/2015 in “The Cove” Image compiled by Takayo Yamaguchi

As another year of the Taiji dolphin drive hunting season ends dolphin activists worldwide take time for reflection as they contemplate and remember dolphins families and victims lost since September 1st.

Dolphin travelers migrating North will find the Kuroshio Current has a deadly "truck stop" known as Taiji. Only the lucky make it South in winter months. Dolphin travelers migrating North will find the Kuroshio Current has a deadly “truck stop” known as Taiji. Only the lucky make it South in winter months.

Whilst the “False Killer Whale” has fallen from the roster of dolphin victims (none spotted since the 2011/2012 season) many other species of dolphin travelers going South on the Kuroshio Current were found by the dolphin hunters. 46 pods of dolphins were driven into the bloody killing cove of Taiji where they lost their children, liberty, history and their lives for aquariums, fertilizer, and human consumption.

The Victims of the 2014-2015 Taiji Dolphin Hunt The Victims of the 2014-2015 Taiji Dolphin Hunt Image…

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Taiji Terror Tales 26th September 2014- Pilot Whales Held in Cove Now Awaiting Grim Fate


pilot whalesPhotocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians who reported that

A family of Short Finned Pilot whales was driven into the killing cove yesterday morning. Two adolescents were taken from their family for a life in captivity. After a long night without food, the remaining pod will be viciously slaughtered in less than two hours.
Our Cove Guardian crew will be live streaming from Taiji at http://livestream.seashepherd.org/
Follow our updates here on Facebook and Twitter.com/coveguardians
with hashtags #tweet4taiji#OpInfinitePatience#SSCS

This is the 5th pod that the hunters have driven into the Cove this season. Pods of Risso’s dolphins have been brutally massacred, babies have been taken back out to sea to lure other pods close to Taiji, pods have fought and escaped from the clutches of the killers, stormy weather has kept the boats in port. Watchers have gone through a wide spectrum of emotions including fear, sadness, joy, despair…

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The sadness of being vegan

Sums up the issue nicely.

There's an Elephant in the Room blog


You vegans

I’ve seen vegans called  many derogatory words. Nothing, it seems, provokes unbridled defensiveness and rudeness in quite the same way as coming out and stating that it is wrong to cause suffering and death to the helpless and vulnerable.

Excuses and insults

It doesn’t seem that radical to me, but as soon as it’s mentioned that humans have no nutritional or other need to use other beings in any way for any purpose, out will come a barrage of well used excuses: plants have feelings, canine teeth, what cavemen did, brain size and intelligence, we need meat to survive, my ‘personal choice’, ‘forcing your opinions on me’, the bible, eskimos, desert islands, etc.

Once these are out of the way, then come the personal insults: ‘it’s impossible to be 100% vegan’, ‘you probably step on insects every day’, ‘I bet your cleaning materials / car / PC harmed animals’, ‘what…

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My Piešťany – camp 2 extra – treasure hunt

On Thursday morning the students did a treasure hunt, and worked on their photo editing and collage-making skills. They had a list of 12 items to photograph and then they chose some of their best photos and put them in a collage.

This is the list they worked with:

1. Something green
2. A cool t-shirt
3. Bicycles
4. A smile
5. Food or drink
6. A bridge
7. Something that makes you happy
8. Water
9. An interesting poster
10. An animal or bird
11. A statue
12. Something that makes you sad

And here’s what they came up with:









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My Piešťany – camp 2 – day 5


Today was the final day of camp and thankfully it was nice and sunny. This meant that the students had lots of energy and also that they could go to Lodenice to interview people. Most of them did this but others preferred to stay in the town centre to find interviewees.

Topics for interview today included people’s food choices and their plans for the weekend. You can read all about it here.

Here are collages (including some special effects) showing the photos the students took this week:








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My Piešťany – camp 2 – day 4

Sebastian (5 of 8)

Yesterday the students had a lot of rejections when asking people if they could interview them and take their photos, so today we decided that they could take a photo of their favourite place in Piešťany, and write a short piece explaining why they liked it there. They all said that the park was their favourite place, but for different reasons.

At present there are some interesting sculptures in the park, along with the wooden squirrel, which is a long term resident and a lot easier to photograph than the real squirrels.

Sebastian (3 of 8)

Sebastian (4 of 8)

Sebastian (6 of 8)

You can read the students stories and see their photos here.

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My Piešt’any – camp 2 – day 3

Sebastian (1 of 2)

We spent this morning working on questions using comparatives and superlatives, and the students interviewed each other about their happiest memories, the saddest movie they had seen, etc. The rain meant that we had to cancel today’s plans to go to Lodenica and opt for an indoor destination instead, so we decided on Aupark, the local shopping centre.

The students spent some time looking at the photos on the Humans of New York website and deciding which ones they found most interesting, and what made them interesting.

This photo of an old man with an impressive moustache was very popular:

HONY moustache

As was this one of a child with a fishing rod and a big smile:
HONY fishing

You can read the stories and see the photos from today here.

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My Piešt’any – camp 2 – day 2

Samuel (1 of 5)

Today we developed questions using question words – what, where, when, why, who and how. We also did some basic photo editing, including making collages and adding special effects. We used the pixlr and pizap websites for this, as they are free, and user-friendly. The students did a photo challenge where they had to photograph objects starting with the first five letters of the alphabet. They found some creative solutions to this, both in the classroom and in the supermarket across the road. Here are the results:






Betka and Terezka:
Terezka Betka

Today’s destination was the train and bus station, where the students hoped to find people with interesting stories. You can find out how they got on here.

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My Piešt’any – camp 2 – day 1


The second My Piešt’any camp started today – new students and new ideas. We got the group photo out of the way early on and started developing questions and working on interview techniques. The group includes two students who are visiting Piešt’any from Sweden and Russia, and the overall standard of English in the group is high.

Today’s destination was Spa Island, where the students quickly got down to finding interview subjects – and doing a bit of cat whispering. This was so successful that the cat even gave us an exclusive interview!




You can read all of today’s stories here.

It was a very hot day and the turtles on Spa Island were taking advantage of the weather by sunning themselves on a lily pad

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