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Bloody murder in the Faroe Islands

on June 7, 2015

Faroes 1

Yesterday a pod of around 150 pilot whales were driven to the shore and brutally slaughtered by Faroese fishermen – in the name of “tradition”. The killing season has started again, just a few days before the start of Sea Shepherd’s 2015 Sleppid Grindini campaign.

Faroes 4

Having been to the Faroe Islands last year, I can confirm that the supermarkets there are filled with all of the products that can be bought elsewhere in Europe. And the Faroese people have one of the highest incomes in Europe, so they can afford to buy the food. So claiming that this gruesome tradition is needed for survival or because of poverty just does not stack up.

Faroes 2

No doubt supporters of this awful tradition – and it is important to bear in mind that not all of the Faroese people support it – will be attempting to justify the slaughter with their usual comments about the killing of the whales being no different to the daily slaughter of animals for the meat industry, but if meat animals were killed in the same way as the pilot whales there would be uproar, companies would be boycotted, and change would be demanded. Why doesn’t this happen in the Faroes? Because local people are afraid to speak out. They live in a small, conservative society where they find it very difficult to go against the majority, and to speak out against the slaughter. So they put up with this happening on their doorstep.

Faroes 5 baby

Pulling the dead baby whales from the bodies of their mothers.

Faroes 3

Please support the Sea Shepherd Sleppid Grindini campaign either by following the updates on social media, by becoming an on-shore volunteer with Sea Shepherd in the city/country where you live, and by donating to the campaign. You can find out about the campaign on the Sea Shepherd website



One response to “Bloody murder in the Faroe Islands

  1. Lisa Brown says:

    These people disgust me .. !! ..

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