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Less than convincing Irishness

on November 15, 2013

Most people are familiar with the Irish pub – a pub not usually located in Ireland but owned by Irish people, serving Irish drinks – especially Guinness, irish food – or at least food eaten in Ireland, and possibly including Irish entertainment. But here in Slovakia “Irish pub” seems to be more of a trendy label for a pub than having any relationship to Ireland or Irish people.

Exhibit A – the “Irish pub” in the town of Vrbove, near Piest’any. It has a sign on the door which says Irish Pub. It is at least partly green and features a Shamrock:

So far, so good. But then i took a closer look. Check out the sign, sponsored by, not Guinness, but Golden Pheasant, a Slovak beer. No mention of Guinness or any sign of the black stuff:

And there’s a picture of wine being poured into a glass. Ireland is not, as far as I know, renowned for its wine:

I’m pretty sure the menu doesn’t feature any Irish dishes – I can’t see coddle going down too well with the Slovaks, although they do like sausages and potatoes, so you never know. No Irish stew on there either. No colcannon. Not even potato cakes. Well it’s possible that these could be on the menu, ‘cos the only things I recognise on there are tomato soup and fried cheese, but I doubt it. Although they do have kebabs and tortillas, which may well be eaten by Irish people, but usually after a visit to the pub rather than at the pub:

And finally, there’s this:
You may well be able to get these drinks in an Irish pub, but none of them are Irish in any way, even if one of them is green.

All in all, I find this attempt to pass a Slovak pub off as Irish to be extremely unconvincing, although it should be noted that I could not be persuaded to step inside to see if the “Irishness” went beyond just to exterior. They may well have had some kind of traditional Irish decor, but I doubt it. I may have been heard muttering something about “Plastic Paddies” as I walked away.

A colleague told me that “Irish Pub” is just a trendy name for a pub here rather than an indication of Irishness. I’m inclined to agree. I wonder if someone could start a chain of “Slovak” pubs in Ireland? There could be money to be made…


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