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The Cove

on September 20, 2012

This is the cove at Taiji in Japan where every year from September to March dolphins and pilot whales are captured and either sent to marine parks (such as Seaworld) to be used as “entertainment” or brutally slaughtered and sold for meat. So many are slaughtered that the waters of the cove turn red, as shown in the picture.

Dolphins and whales kept in captivity have significantly shorter lives than those in the wild, are kept in horrible conditions and treated cruelly. Plase think twice (at least) before visiting any location that displays these creatures or forces them to perform tricks for entertainment.

The meat that comes from these animals is heavily contaminated with mercury and people who eat it are at increased risk of illnesses such as Minamata Disease. Yet the Japanese government not only allows this meat to be sold but they also use it in programmes for school dinners.

Some organisations, such as Sea Shepherd, have teams of people on the ground in Taiji who monitor what’s going on. They are subject to ongoing intimidation and harassment because of their activities.

For more information visit the Sea Shepherd or Save Japan Dolphins websites, or watch The Cove.


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