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Day 3 – Saturday

on September 2, 2012

Saturday was shopping day, as I realised I needed to get quite a few things to help me survive until my stuff gets here from the UK. Strangely, most of the shops in Blansko close at 11am on Saturdays, with only the supermarkets being open in the afternoons. This meant that an early start was essential.

My boss had kindly pointed out the local craft shop the previous day – it’s right next door to the office, so I started there. Once I had a ball of yarn in my possession I felt much happier. Next stop was the bank, followed by the art shop (notebooks and pencils) and a kitchen supplies shop (plate, bowl, mug, cutlery). A quick wander around revealed that the only electrical shop was closed, so I had to go to the nearest big supermarket – Kaufland – to buy a kettle and hairdryer.

As I approached Kaufland I noticed a pretty villa between two industrial buildings. It had a huge front garden which was divided up into a vegetable patch, a sunflower patch and an orchard. Whoever lives there must spend most of their time keeping it looking neat and tidy – or else they pay someone to spend most of their time doing this. I took a couple of photos:

Returned to the hotel with the morning’s haul feeling very pleased with myself. I had managed to say hello, goodbye, do you speak English?, please, thank you and excuse me in Czech, paid the right amount for what I’d bought and not horrified anyone by mispronouncing anything – as far as I could tell.

Spent the afternoon wandering around Blansko. It’s not a very big town and there isn’t an awful lot to see. However the countryside around the town is lovely and I can’t wait to explore when I have time and it isn’t so cold and rainy.

My first experiment with Czech beer was Black Goat – recommended by a Facebook friend. Very nice.


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